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Taking on the big world after finishing my BA (Hons) in Media & Cultural Studies I am passionate about graphic design, motion graphics and filmmaking.

I wish to help boost your ideas and projects to their highest extend with my creative flair. Please get in touch if you would like my service for any jobs or freelancing opportunities.

I am reliable, hardworking, attentive to detail, organised and have great communication skills. Best of all - I am open-minded with a bubbly personality and I love adventures and new challenges!


I encourage the expansion of my imagination and the act of putting my ideas in to media sources serves as verification of my creative process. In addition I receive a great deal of pleasure when influencing or manipulating the audiences's emotions by the expression of my thoughts and creativity. Finally, this passion of mine may be due to the petulant child-like craving of having to craft nothing into something!

Know me even better


My name is Nanna Påskesen. I graduated Media and Cultural Studies (BA HONS) at Kingston University, London, May 2014 with a 1st. I'm creative, imaginative and open-minded when it comes to developing ideas and working in media production.


I'm originally from Denmark, but moved to London in 2010 to pursue a future in the film industry. After two gap years of working in hospitality, I decided it was time for a reality shake so I took the next step and started university after two months of travelling in Australia and America.


Growing up, I rocked the farmer life with a family of five and being given the freedom of a white pony, space and air might have been the actual root of my creativity. I've always been passionate about graphic design and crafting different things since of young age, which are traits I actively use in my daily life today.


I'm a sociable person, with a great care for animals, interest in travelling and exploring the world. I always have a lot on my mind and a lot to tell, which spikes the peculiar curiosity which characterizes me.

I have a positive way of life, and I believe that you make your own luck.



Animation / Typography / Photomanipulation

Post production / Illustration / Filmmaking

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I’m available for freelance work, please use the contact section to chat!

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